Would anyone be interested in joining an on-line forum to talk about the Wars of the roses?

Hi everyone, Philippa Gregory used to run a readers forum on her site where fans could talk about the books, tv shows, movies and history. If I set one up would anyone be interested in it? 

Anonymous asked: What do you think to the fact that they made Edward fat? Given that he WAS fat - almost as big as Henry VIII, minus a stone (14 pounds) or two - do you think he ate himself to death?

Interesting questions! I never would have thought that Edward’s weight would have been mentioned. I thought that most people were going to focus on him being hot lol. 

I like that they made him chubby. I personally would have liked him to be much more over weight and gluttonous.I felt the last season of The Tudors  also faced this problem. I get that the studios have employed hot actors and aren’t going to make them grotesquely over weight and even if they wanted to, the costume and fat suits probably wouldn’t look convincing. So I don’t mind too much Edward’s weight not being exactly historically accurate. My only complaint is that by not having him being over weight on screen for very long or him not being that over weight, they missed a good opportunity for character development.  I can’t complain too much as Robert Baratheon from Game of thrones is clearly based on an older Edward Iv so we kind of get to see the over weight, gluttonous and jaded aspects of Edward’s personality that don’t get shown in TWQ.

As to if I think he ate himself to death, it’s really hard to tell. Evidence from the time suggested that he died from a fever after falling in a river. I think his unhealthy lifestyle,diet and age were probably were starting to take a toll on him and most likely would have killed him had he not died of the fever or whatever disease or infection caused the fever. So to answer your question, I think he was on his way to eating himself to death just not that it was the cause of his death. 

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Anonymous asked: There's no sex scene between Richard III and Elizabeth of York. Where did you see that? Sorry, my english sucks ><

That’s all right, you’re English is really quite good :)

In the American version of The white Queen there is more nudity and sex scenes.  Including a scene with Richard III and Elizabeth of York. Occasionally GIFs and screencaps of the scene turn up on tumblr but I don’t know if the scene has been uploaded in full anywhere online. 

Anonymous asked: if you are still answering questions: what do you think of the way Henry Tudor is depicted in The White Princess? and his relationship with Elizabeth as well? tbh, this book was a big BIG disapointement for me .

Yes I am, I’ve just made that post so that people can find my answers and opinions more easily on the side bar :)

Ah Henry Tudor, how much I’ve poked fun of him because i’m a ragin’ Richardian. Actually my opinion of the historical figure aside, I liked Henry in the Show. He wasn’t really in the books all that much up until the white princess. But in the show he had lovers, he was brave on the battlefield, he loved his absent crazy mother, he was handsome.  He wasn’t around much and what we did see what was there not to love? 

However since Stars is interested in filming the White Princess, I have concerns. While I don’t think highly of the real Henry VII (because let’s face it he had many faults) even I felt insulted for him in The White Princess. For those of you who didn’t read it, Henry isn’t pleased about marrying Elizabeth of York so he repeatedly rapes her until she falls pregnant before marrying her to ensure that at the very least she’s fertile. And because she’s a whore who’s used to being treated like that. Henry is made into a complete dick because PG wants Elizabeth to pine her beloved uncle lover and their perfect love. Henry VII was a bit of an asshole in history and granted wouldn’t be anyone woman’s idea man but in the book he’s just awful. 

He is a mummy’s boy, he doesn’t fight in battles, he is sneaky and underhanded, he’s paranoid, he’s un-romance and rude, He’s childish at any triumph he has, he’s pitiful because he desperately tries to imatation previous monarchs, he’s not charming, he’s a loser that trails after women. He does this first with Lady Katherine in The white Princess and than Katherine of Aragon in the Constant Princess. Although his creeping of KOA is hilarious. He makes huge amounts of effort with women except Elizabeth. 

So the relationship between Elizabeth and Henry strangely is Ok. so it’s not the happy marriage they reportedly had in history, but they make it work. Henry is horrible, cheats on her and kills and imprisons all of her family yet she still tries to stay supportive. She tries not to complain and tries to be the best wife she can be. In a time when few marriages were love marriages and the point of marriage was to have kids, Henry and Elizabeth were successful in that respect. It’s not written as a romance so much as an agreement, so I don’t mind their relationship in the book too much. 

So if they make the The white Princess into a show I think they are going to run into difficulties. Particularly because their leading man is written as such an unlikable person who doesn’t really have any chemistry with his wife. Hardly entertaining Tv…