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Anonymous said: Are there any colleges/universities that teach about the WoTR or this time period?

It would really depend whereabouts you lived or how far you would be willing to travel as to what colleges or unis would cover that exact time period or relevant time period. So for exact colleges or unis I would need to know at least which country you were in to be of better help. However most unis, or at least here in Scotland, run courses on medieval history which is relevant and you may get to study WoTR as part of your course. But that’s something to ask at open days or phone up to ask about to find the right uni/college for you. 

However I can say that Future Learn are currently running an online free course on England in the time of Richard III and it’s been made by the University of Leicester (who were involved in the discovery of his remains. The course is free although you have to pay £15-£20 (more if you are an international student) for your final certificate . I’m currently doing the course and am really enjoying it. If you are interested in doing this course you have to sign up now because the course ends on August 10th so you will have to work though the coursework quickly. But don’t let this put you off, there is only eight sections and it only took me about an hour to two hours to complete each. So to join up for this course here is the site . All you have to do is make an account and you’re good to go. 

Hope this has been somewhat helpful?

Anonymous said: Quick question: why do you think that jasper rejected Margaret in episode six?

Mainly because she is his sister-in-law. In The Red Queen novel, a good section of the novel takes place during Margaret’s first marriage and widowhood when she spent a great deal of time with Jasper. I think, from memory, Jasper thinks of her as more of a sister than a lover and feels genuinely bad when he starts to have feelings towards her.  After all, she was a very young girl who was married to his brother and was mother to his beloved nephew. It would have been a confusing family unit with Jasper being both Henry’s uncle and step father.

Also Margaret was extremely religious and marrying your brother’s wife was considered sinful;

"…If there is a man who takes his brother’s wife, it is abhorrent; he has uncovered his brother’s nakedness. They will be childless…." -Leviticus 20:21

So perhaps he rejected her because he feared for her soul and her devotion to her faith? 

Lastly, he may have rejected her for Henry’s sake. Jasper was dedicated to his nephew and his claim to the throne.So if Margaret re-married she might marry someone who could help him bring Henry to the throne. Perhaps his concern for Henry outweighed any feelings for Margaret. After all, marriages were predominantly considered legal agreements and for political gain not really about love. It could be one or all of these reasons that made him reject her. I personally think it was a combination of these reasons. 

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